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 Starting from academic year 2017/18 Business e Management programme of Business Administration Degree   Course is no longer active.

 For all the information about the exams, please refer to new Business & Management Degree Course 

For administrative procedures, please consult Economia Aziendale Degree Course

In case of specific questions you may send an email to

Why study Business & Management

This degree program (Laurea Triennale, 3 years, LM-18) provides student with a thorough understanding of the structures and inner workings of business organizations. Students will learn to analyze entrepreneurial functions, such as marketing, production, finance, organization, management and control, strategies, in different types of companies.

Core Courses: Public Law for Economics, Private and Commercial Law, Mathematics for Economics and Finance, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, Money and Banking, Business Organization, Managerial Accounting, Advanced Business Administration, Financial Markets, Elements of Corporate Finance, Economic Sociology, Production Technology.

The purpose of the new Degree in Business Management, which is taught fully in English, is to enhance the knowledge about businesses and enterprises with particular focus on:

  • main organizational and structuring elements of a business;
  • best management practices in different lifecycle stages of a business.

The Degree deeply studies the main processes and functions (i.e. marketing, production, organization, accounting, strategy, planning and control) related to different types of businesses and companies.

The objective is to develop specific “managerial and operational” skills by using the best practices available in team working and problem solving. The teaching program is structured in two levels of modular units. The first and starting level of modular units is focused on the basic concepts and principles of management and provides a solid knowledge of economics, law, statistics and mathematics. The next level of modular units addresses specific managerial issues and practices in an international perspective (i.e. involving in the lectures visiting professors from abroad).

The lecture timetable is designed in modular fractions. Each module is taught one at time and builds on the previous module. Each module is considered as a separate unit and is followed by a short break and an appropriate exam.

The use of English as a main language allows students to learn specific international terminology. Moreover, the business case approach used in the lectures, which involves the students in discussions and debates, leads to the improvement of communicational and relational skills.



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