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0kvz.immagine.pngStarting from academic year 2017/18 Business e Management programme of Business Administration Degree Course is no longer active.

For all the information about the exams, please refer to new Business & Management Degree Course 

For administrative procedures, please consult Economia Aziendale Degree Course

In case of specific questions you may send an email to


The creation, activation, mode of operation of Curriculums courses are governed by a specific Regolamento Didattico (in italian), that - in the context of current legislation and of Regolamento didattico di Ateneo (RDA) - identifies structures and methods for managing the principal aspects of the educational path.

Since the academic year 2013-14, the design, the self-evaluation and potential operations of redesign of the course of studies are managed by Scheda Unica Annuale (SUA). The document also exists as a communication platform integrated, allowing to convey to all stakeholders information that are able to answer their questions in a timely manner, simple and reliable.

The quality standards of education provided is monitored by the Rapporto Annuale del Riesame, through of indicators derived from a plurality of sources, it is able to highlight: the trend of students' careers (University datawarehouse), the opinion subscribers (Edumeter), the mode of integration of graduates into employment (AlmaLaurea). For an overview and comparison with the national curriculum consult also the site Universitaly.

In reference to Accreditamento Periodico, the University of Turin has been nominated as the first great Italian university to receive the visit of the National Assessment System University and Research - ANVUR. The significance of this choice is illustrated by a short video, viewable at the link "UniTO is on the move.

In reference to his application for Accreditamento Periodico, the University has required each department to nominate its own Security Council for drafting a trial of the Duty cycle of the review in 2014. The Supervisory ECOAZ was selected among the CDS Department of Management and drafted its cyclical ratio of Review in 2014.

The processes of analysis and quality management of the course of study are supported by the Presidium of the Quality of the University and realiazed within the System of Quality Assurance of the University of Turin.


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